Labeling The Movement: 'Atheism' And 'Freethought' As Popular Brands

At the moment there is a poll on the Indian Atheists facebook page asking people to help choose the name (or rather, the taxonomic format) for the regional groups that have been created by us over the past couple of…

Holmes and Watson

What remains of Religion if you take away the tall stories and the frantic search for the Invisible Tenant?

No 'honour' in Shame Killings

This is a petition to all of us Atheists who have an audience on Atheist blogs, websites, podcasts and other media, to stop using the term ‘honor killings’, and use the term Shame Killings instead.

Debunking Arguments For God Found In Classical Indian Philosophy

We need to cast out the rotten ideas in the history of Indian Philosophy and usher in a new Scientific Naturalism that celebrates great rational Indian minds of the past and great scientific Indian minds of our time.