Indian Atheists FAQ

1. Who are the Indian Atheists?

Indian Atheists is a group comprising of individuals promoting Atheism in India and abroad. The Atheists who are behind the endeavor represent a diverse community that meets and discusses important issues online.

2. What is the History of Indian Atheists?

While Atheist thought in India is very ancient, the modern Atheism movement was late in coming to the subcontinent because of the corrosive impact of religions over Indian culture. Indian Atheists was first started as a facebook page in 2009, by the members of Nirmukta, an online gathering of Freethinkers from India. The official launch of the website was on September 12th, 2010, marking the launch of the Indian Atheists brand as an identity for Atheists from India.

3. What are the goals of Indian Atheists?

Atheism in general is simply the lack of belief in god, but Indian Atheists as a group has a more specific agenda. In addition to the targeting of the notions of ‘god’ and ‘religion’, the goals of Indian Atheists are the same as those of Nirmukta:

•            To foster public discourse on science and religion in an objective manner.

•            To promote a naturalistic life philosophy as a moral and fulfilling alternative to supernatural religion.

•            To provide a platform for the free-thought community within India and South Asia.

•            To consciously work towards building a culture of Secularism.

•            To monitor genuine scientific controversies and expose the false ones.

•            To promote a secular public policy in keeping with our constitution.

•            To promote the principles of equality, communal harmony and basic human rights.

4. Is Indian Atheists ‘anti-Hindu’?

Indian Atheists, and its parent group, Nirmukta, are against the very notion of ‘religion’ in all its forms. But we make a distinction between ideas and people. Therefore, we are anti-Islam, but not anti-Muslims. We are anti-Hinduism, but not anti-Hindus. The same applies to all religious identities. Go here for a more detailed treatment of the nature of religion and Indian Atheists’ position on the subject.

5. Is Indian Atheists focused on debunking ‘god’?

No. The ‘god’ idea is just one of the superstitions that we challenge, but all Atheists must be aware that there are many superstitions that infect our culture. However, since the ‘god’ idea is a powerful cultural notion that requires to be challenged in order to liberate the billions of people who are under its spell, Indian Atheists promotes Atheism as the gateway out of religion and into reason. Once one self-identifies as an Atheist there is a need for finding meaningful alternatives to religion, directing one towards culturally and emotionally satisfying ends. Indian Atheists provides these alternatives, in concert with it’s parent group, Nirmukta.

6. How do I become a member of Indian Atheists?

At present Indian Atheists does not have the required organizational structure to register any official members, but such structure will be developed in the near future. Participation on the website, facebook, twitter etc., is all that is required to be considered a member of Indian Atheists. For those with a facebook account, the Indian Atheists facebook page is a good community resource. For those who are more involved in the community, the Nirmukta Community Forums is the place where we celebrate Freethought in all its splendor.

7. How can I contribute to Indian Atheists?

At present Indian Atheists does not have the required organizational structure to collect monetary contributions, but there are plenty of ways to help in the effort towards eradicating the popularity of god and religion from our societies, and providing people with more meaningful and moral cultural alternatives. We are in need of writers, moderators, web developers, designers, artists, journalists, media experts, filmmakers, academics, scientists, lawyers, public relations experts, management experts and anyone else who can contribute towards the effort. Please use the form on the contact page.

8. What is in the future for Indian Atheists?

Indian Atheists is part of the modern 21st century Atheism movement worldwide, with particular ties to the Atheist movement in Asia. For the near future Indian Atheists will remain an online community, but will continue to develop strong ties to Atheist groups in India and around the world. Specific activities and plans will be announced as we find the time and initiative going forward. Meanwhile, Indian Atheists will strive to build a thriving community for Atheists from the subcontinent.