Letter to a 'Gandhian Nation'

Letter to a ‘Gandhian Nation’

Sisters and brothers of India,   This is being written at a time when the highest office-bearers of our nation seem beholden to avowed Gandhians and at a time when a supposed latter-day Satyagraha is moving millions towards a revolution….

Doing Little Things For The Children Of A Lesser God!

Doing Little Things For The Children Of A Lesser God!

The previous write up about the home for HIV positive children tugged the heart strings of many, many people. We have received donations from people from all over the world. When A.S.Vijetha, an engineer with ANZ Operations and Technology read…

Why The 'Word of God' To Us Seems Odd

Why The ‘Word of God’ To Us Seems Odd

The teachings of a recently deceased Indian preacher have been hailed as ‘inspirational to millions’, by spokespersons of the State as well as the mainstream media, and he has been encomiastically credited with being an advocate of ‘universal values’. Sympathizers of…

Children Of A Lesser God!

Children Of A Lesser God!

I should say I am pretty hard-boiled, having worked for many years in the field of clinical biochemistry, that too for the first years as a technical assistant collecting blood specimens from a variety of patients, which has inured me…

Labeling The Movement: 'Atheism' And 'Freethought' As Popular Brands

Labeling The Movement: ‘Atheism’ And ‘Freethought’ As Popular Brands

At the moment there is a poll on the Indian Atheists facebook page asking people to help choose the name (or rather, the taxonomic format) for the regional groups that have been created by us over the past couple of…

No 'honour' in Shame Killings

No ‘honour’ in Shame Killings

This is a petition to all of us Atheists who have an audience on Atheist blogs, websites, podcasts and other media, to stop using the term ‘honor killings’, and use the term Shame Killings instead.