Letter to a 'Gandhian Nation'

Letter to a ‘Gandhian Nation’

Sisters and brothers of India,   This is being written at a time when the highest office-bearers of our nation seem beholden to avowed Gandhians and at a time when a supposed latter-day Satyagraha is moving millions towards a revolution….

Why The 'Word of God' To Us Seems Odd

Why The ‘Word of God’ To Us Seems Odd

The teachings of a recently deceased Indian preacher have been hailed as ‘inspirational to millions’, by spokespersons of the State as well as the mainstream media, and he has been encomiastically credited with being an advocate of ‘universal values’. Sympathizers of…

Holmes and Watson

“There is a God…and…”

What remains of Religion if you take away the tall stories and the frantic search for the Invisible Tenant?

Common sense dancing

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. – William James For those who pride themselves in rigidity, perhaps this dance is a crime….

Don’t we have more shrines than we need?

Don’t we have more shrines than we need? If Faith truly in hearts resides… Why raise walls to profess your creed? If Faith, beyond four walls abides… Don’t we have more shrines than we need? Amid the grime, on each…