Indian Atheists was conceived of by the members of Nirmukta, an organization promoting Science and Freethought in India. At Nirmukta we believe that as long as organized superstition pollutes our culture there will be a need for strident Atheist activism. Indian Atheists was born as the Atheist activism arm of Nirmukta.

The members of Nirmukta take on all forms of irrational thinking, examine claims about reality by practicing scientific skepticism, and celebrate a life-affirming naturalistic worldview. But the fact that religion is so pervasive in our culture requires that Atheist activism be fully supported by Freethinkers.

The objective of Indian Atheists is to help build bridges between Atheists in India, offering support to those who wish to come out and create an alternative community both online and off.

Please read the FAQ page and the Religion page for more details about Indian Atheists.

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/IndianAtheists

Atheist Nexus: http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/indianatheists

Twitter: http://twitter.com/indianatheists

Nirmukta site: http://nirmukta.com

Nirmukta Forums: http://nirmukta.net

Nirmukta Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/Nirmuktavideos

Nirmukta Radio: http://nirmukta.com/category/radio-podcast/