Doing Little Things For The Children Of A Lesser God!

The previous write up about the home for HIV positive children tugged the heart strings of many, many people. We have received donations from people from all over the world. When A.S.Vijetha, an engineer with ANZ Operations and Technology read about it, she decided to spend her whole vacation with these children.

She came to Mangalore on the 27th of April, and the first thing she did was to go to the house where these children were lodged, bringing along sweets, samosas and many other things needed for them. Dr.Yashwanth Nayak, a general practitioner, was so moved by their story that he sponsored some vessels for them. Dolly Koshy, one of the coordinators of our Nirmukta group in Bangalore, was so moved that she donated an amount to be spent on them. Vibhor  Nayak , an oil technologist, donated a generous amount from his first salary to the kids.

Vijetha fitting shoes on the young ones.

When the staff of the home told Vijetha that some of the children needed footwear, she wanted to buy the same for all of them because she did not want to discriminate between them. So, we contacted a local reputed footwear shop. The children were brought to the shop in the vehicle of the home, where we served them with hot fried stuff fresh from the kadai. They were delighted to wear the new footwear and almost every one of the kids packed their old footwear into the bag provided and went back to the home wearing the new ones! The owner of the shop Mr. Alwyn Rosario was so much moved that the generous discount that he offered made it look as if the shoes were being given away for free. But the amount cannot be mentioned as he forbade us from doing so. The children went back happily to their home.

The CARDTS staff and Vijetha with Mr. Alwyn Rosario

A and B are engaged to be married in June/July (date not yet fixed yet). A sends an amount as present to B. B sees that the children of a lesser god need a refrigerator, as the existing one is in bad shape.

B decides to present a refrigerator using the amount. C is a repairer who has quite a few good refrigerators in his stock. He decides to give  them one for the acquisition price, with free delivery to the premises. End of the story.

The picture is that of the refrigerator, as the concerned people do not want any publicity- they just wish to motivate others into doing something for these little ones.

The author, Professor Narendra Nayak is the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations. His wife Asha Nayak is the president of the Dakshina Kannada Child Welfare CommitteeFor donation inquiries please send prof. Nayak an email at narenyen (at) gmail (dot) com.