Indian Atheists FB Page Demographics – Sex, Age & Country/City Stats Update

The Indian Atheists Page on Facebook provides to its administrators statistical data on Page usage and demographics. I have taken the demographics stats as they currently stand and am making this data available to the community.

Sex-Ratio and Age :

The Indian Atheists Facebook Page community is 19% female and 79% male.

A couple of weeks ago I initiated a private discussion on Facebook regarding the role of women in the Freethought movement. In the course of the discussion I was asked by a friend about the number of women associated with Indian Atheists and its parent organization, Nirmukta. This post was inspired by her question (thanks, Aarti!).

We do not currently have any stats on the Nirmukta Facebook Group. What follows below is a screenshot of the Indian Atheists page demographics on female to male ratio, broken down by age group. I follow this up with some analysis of my own.

Z-Value of Female to Male Ratio, by Age Group:

(All Z-Values calculated at 90% confidence level and sample size of 2091 members as of March 15th, 2011)

13 – 17 : 3.3

18 – 24 : 20.5

25 – 34 : 17.2

35 – 44 : 8.3

45 – 54 : 8

55 + : 6.6

In simple terms, the Z-Value is a measure of the difference in numbers (on the Indian Atheists Facebook Page) between the sexes, expressed in terms of deviation from the mean. In our case, the higher the number, the more skewed the sex-ratio. We can plot the Z-Values of the sex-ratio across different age groups on a simple graph to demonstrate more clearly what is going on with the sex-ratio on our Facebook Page.

The difference between the sexes in terms of participation in our Indian Atheists community is lowest in the 13 to 17 years age group, indicating that the young women in this age group are fairly well-represented on the Facebook Page relative to the men, when compared to the women : men ratio of the other age groups. As we go up in age, the female participation ratio drops off steeply (although the raw numbers are actually highest for this age demographic), and then begins to rise again in the 35 to 44 age group, a trend that continues into old age.

Disclaimer: I’m not a statistician and invite others to analyze the data more carefully than I have done. I would be careful about extrapolating too much from this analysis that I have presented. The most I can say with confidence is that it is clear that the least represented group of women (relative to men in the same age group, not in terms of raw numbers) are those in their 20s – older students, young professionals, those starting a family and career women. Whatever be the social pressures/social alternatives that prevent the women in this demographic from participating to their full potential in the Freethought movement, they apparently do not adversely affect their male counterparts, and may in fact be the reason why males are relatively more active in those age groups.

Country/City Stats :

The screenshot below, presenting data on the numbers of members from different countries and cities around the world, is pretty straightforward. (Note that Delhi as a whole is actually our most represented city if you take into account the separate categories for New Delhi and Delhi).

Do you see any surprises here? What more can we tell from this data? Is there some way we can use it to promote Atheism and Freethought? How can we increase participation from all demographics of Indians? Please share your comments here and on the Indian Atheists Facebook Page!