Kerala is NOT God’s Own Country!

You may have heard the nonsensical phrase, “Kerala, God’s Own Country”. But have you stopped to think what this phrase actually means? Is it just a symbolic gesture adopted by the Kerala tourism department, or does it have any meaningful significance that goes beyond the symbolism? Does this childish caricature of a wonderfully complex land, its fantastic culture and its rich biodiversity do justice to the real thing?

Here’s my take on this issue:

The government-sponsored populist propaganda that Kerala is god’s own country is not just simply wrong. It is also unashamedly short-sighted and pompously arrogant.

The phrase is so pathetically unoriginal that it takes a special kind of moron to subscribe to it. The original slogan “God’s Own Country” has been in use by New Zealanders since the late 19th century. The state government of Kerala, in a stroke of prideful fatheadedness, stole the factually deficient phrase composed by a long dead Kiwi settler, and appropriated it to represent a thriving democratic Indian state comprised of the most literate populace in the country. In the process Kerala became the Indian state that proudly professes the stupidity of it’s elected officials whenever its tourism department airs its promotional ads on the national and international stage.

Kerala is a land filled with spectacular natural beauty. Anyone who considers this fact to be less meaningful and inspiring than an appeal to an imaginary entity is a dumbfuck.