The Chilean Story of Human Grit And Scientific Progress

“The Chilean miner drama has ended today, all 33 miners have been rescued. The event really touched our heart, moved people’s emotion, and made Chilean Miner as top trending topic on twitter. Many tweets I’ve seen today filled with things like ‘God is good’, and other faith-related expressions. The majority of the media and the audience easily forget that the great job had been done utilizing cutting-edge technology developed by NASA and operated by skilled and highly trained engineers. This kind of thing always repeatedly happens, that Ms. Humanity and her fellow Mr. Technology did the job, but Ms. Faith & Mr. Miracle got the credit”. – Darma Made

One of my friend pointed out that this rescue would not have been possible without religion and faith. I think that is nonsense.

Religion is a crutch people use when they are helpless. Praying is thinking one is helping without really helping. If praying really helped, then why doesn’t everyone get together and just pray and end poverty, rape, hunger, genocide, taliban, etc?

The fact is that they were relieved by natural (ie. NOT supernatural and hence godless) science and technology. They were rescued because people actually did something to help them (and not pretended to by praying).

People, including the miners themselves, might have used faith to keep them from going insane because they were helpless, but that just explains how the human condition need its delusions in such conditions. It does not mean that a god exists and actually is helping thanks to prayer.

So god decided to help only because people prayed? This only shows that people have imagined god to have the characters or an egomaniac king or ruler.

Science and technology saved them, along with human effort, which must be commended. Nothing written in the Bible (or Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas, Quran etc etc) helped. Where in any of these books is it written how to take people out in such conditions? Which scientific law is mentioned? These books were written ages ago by brilliant mortal writers of fiction (who were power hungry in the case of the Abrahamic religions). They wrote what the world knew at that juncture.

So no, faith did not help. Science and human will did. Faith only fed to the delusions. If god existed and helped, maybe the rescue team and scientists should have just sat back and waited for divine intervention. (Now don’t claim that these people were acting on god’s behalf, because you’d be digging your argument further into a ditch).

If the miners and their families were freethinkers, they would have taken solace knowing the fact that there are mortal people out there working their asses off to save their life (and these might have been strangers to them), and that science had progressed enough to help them do it. It would a case study of human grit and humanism.

For once, open your eyes and see. It can be clearly seen how no act of supernatural nature played *any* part in this human success story.