The Hollowness of Religions

Religions have has hoodwinked us into believing that the world we see around us is inferior and ephemeral. Instead they say that there is a better world elsewhere and promise a place there for their adherents. The fact that this reality denying wisdom has survived for so many thousands of years is a matter of shame for humanity.

Religions claim that they stand for the pursuit of truth and yet they revel in ignorance. They make no attempt to understand the world. They actively deride attempts to do so and instead shout vacuous sermons about imaginary worlds of goodness. They pretend that they possess deep trenches of knowledge and yet when one tries to dig through it, encounters the bottom very quickly. Religions are a pathetic exercise in giving the illusion of deepness.

Throw away religion and you will begin to see the true beauty of our world. Religions exhort us to realize the oneness of life with the “Supreme Force”, but in their infinite ignorance they do not know that we already are one. The matter that we are made up of was baked in stellar furnaces. We are all descendants of replicator based life. We are shaped by the world around us and we shape the world around us. We are all connected physically. We are one with the physical Universe.

Religions have great difficulty in understanding this oneness because for them the physical world is an obscenity. They think that the word “material” is a dirty expletive that should not be uttered. They cling on to primitive notions like the supernatural and the immaterial and fail to see the readily available grandeur of the physical world.

It is time to call out religions for what they really are. They obstruct the path to knowledge. They hold back the awe and wonder that our Universe has to offer. They tamper with human inquisitiveness. It is time to rip apart the blanket of ignorance that religions have thrown over us.